AGN Revitalization Plan

On August 14, 2017, the City Council authorized an agreement with Camiros, Ltd. and Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) for completion of the Annie Glidden North (AGN) Revitalization Plan. To view the project overview approved by the City Council, click here.

The AGN Revitalization Plan focuses on the neighborhoods located in the northwest corner of the City of DeKalb along both sides of Annie Glidden Road. The plan seeks to identify actionable items that will improve quality of life in the AGN neighborhoods. Revitalizing AGN is critical to the wellbeing of the neighborhood residents, as well as Northern Illinois University and the DeKalb community as a whole.

Questions regarding the AGN Revitalization Plan can be directed to Aaron Stevens at 815-748-2096 or


On Wednesday, September 12, 2018, the Annie Glidden North (AGN) Task Force met and discussed the draft AGN Revitalization Plan (Plan), to provide City staff and the planning consultant, Camiros, with input for final changes to the Plan. The draft Plan includes descriptions of over 30 potential projects that could be initiated to improve the AGN Neighborhood.

The Task Force will return for a final meeting in the coming weeks to vote on a motion recommending the Plan move forward in the review process. The Plan will then be made available to the public for review and a public comment period will be opened. The public comment period will take place over several weeks, during which, open house meetings will be held for the public to review and provide input on the draft Plan before it goes forward for review by City Council. The Plan document will be made available through multiple sources, including the City of DeKalb website. Exact dates and times of the upcoming public comment period and open meetings will be announced through all available media sources as soon as dates are finalized.

Next Steps

The following steps will take place between the months of September and November. Exact dates will be announced publicly and added to this page prior to the start of a public comment period.
      • The Task Force will meet one last time to vote on a motion to send the draft AGN Revitalization Plan to the City Council for further review and deliberations pending a public comment period. (meeting date TBD)
      • The City will announce the start of the public comment period and make the draft Plan available to the public (mid-October, exact dates TBD). The draft Plan will be available for download on this page. Announcements will be released through all available media sources and on the home page of the City website.
      • At the end of the public comment period, City staff will organize and provide all input received from the community to City Council along with the Draft AGN Revitalization Plan for their review.
      • City Council will review and deliberate on the Final Draft AGN Revitalization Plan during a scheduled public meeting before it is ultimately finalized and formally adopted by resolution.

A Review of the Planning Process 

Community Collaboration

To better inform the AGN Revitalization Plan, the City is undertaking an intense effort to involve residents and other stakeholders from throughout the community. This process includes the appointment of the AGN Task Force. The Task Force is comprised of community members, appointed by Mayor Jerry Smith. The Task Force will provide valuable guidance and input towards the creation of the plan. The Task Force is a public body acting on behalf of the City of DeKalb and is subject to the rules and requirements of the Illinois Open Meetings Act. To view the Task Force Member Role Description and Member List, click here.

In addition to the AGN Task Force, members of the community-at-large are encouraged to participate in the planning process through a series of Community Meetings. These Community Meetings are open to the public. Information gathered during Community Meetings will help guide the planning process. 

Building the Framework

The framework for the AGN Revitalization Plan will be constructed in four phases. To view the plan timeline, click here.

Phase I includes identifying assets, issues and opportunities while engaging in dialog with various stakeholder groups and organizations working and living in and around the project area. Phase I will also kick-off the community engagement process, including the creation of a Task Force. The Task Force will help to guide the planning process by providing vital information about planned projects, reviewing ideas and deliverables and helping to engage the broader community. The first Task Force and Community Meetings will be held to discuss initial issues and opportunities while beginning to identify potential early action projects that will help to build support and momentum for greater changes. In addition, Phase I will include a project area field study, key person interviews, and zoning review.

Building off of Phase I, the planning consultant will organize, prepare and facilitate a series of community visioning sessions in Phase II. These meetings will help to identify a more detailed community-wide vision for the future, strategic initiatives which could support attainment of that vision, and more specific ideas for the improvement of the neighborhoods. Phase II tasks include an additional Community Meeting dedicated to visioning and a Task Force Meeting.

During Phase III, the planning consultant will begin to organize and categorize feedback from Phases I and II into draft concepts and strategies for addressing the identified issues. Specific focus areas will be identified along with potential action steps to overcome the barriers of revitalization. These strategies will be organized based on City goals for the neighborhoods. The strategies will be refined and used as the basis of the AGN Revitalization Plan for community improvement. A key element of this phase will be an interactive NIU Student Meeting that will provide necessary feedback and ideas from the perspective of students that live in the Annie Glidden neighborhoods. Phase III tasks will include a Community Meeting dedicated to draft concepts and strategies, a Task Force Meeting, a Student Visioning Meeting, City departments strategy review, community survey, and market study.

In Phase IV, the planning consultant will prepare a refined set of projects and draft steps to be implemented under each AGN Revitalization Plan strategy along with the organization who could lead implementation efforts. Each strategy and program will include a planning-level cost estimate as well as the potential public and private partnerships and funding streams that may be available for implementation. In addition, the planning consultant will provide zoning recommendations for various focus areas in order to alleviate existing challenges while providing a framework for future growth. The planning consultant will prepare a draft plan, for review, including illustrations and explanations for each project as appropriate to provide necessary guidance and show how each project supports specific strategies and serves to help attain the vision. The draft plan will weave together new strategies with current initiatives to produce positive neighborhood outcomes. The planning consultant will present at a Community Meeting and Task Force Meeting a draft AGN Revitalization Plan. Feedback received at the meetings will inform the final AGN Revitalization Plan presented to the City Council.

The Planning Process   

Community Collaboration 

 To help inform the strategic planning process, an extensive community engagement effort was condu

AGN Revitalization Plan Area

AGN map