Online Payments

Click below to pay the following online:

For questions on utility bills, call the Utility Billing Department at 815-748-2085.
For questions on parking tickets and ordinance violations, contact Stephanie Turner at 815-748-2093
For questions on building permits, call the Building Department at 815-748-2070.
Local taxes include Hotel/Motel Tax, local Motor Fuel Tax and Restaurant/Bar Tax.
Please e-mail your ST-1 or ST-2 with City form to
For questions on local taxes and Fire/Life Safety Licenses, contact Susan Hauman at 815-748-2388.
Renewable license include: Amusement, Body Art/Tattoo, Liquor, Pawn Broker, Relocator/Towing, Taxi/Livery and Tobacco.
Online payments are for license renewals only. For information on applying for a license, click here.
For questions on licenses, contact Ruth Scott at 815-748-2090.
For questions on Crime-Free Housing, contact Bob Redel at 815-748-2374.
For questions on miscellaneous invoices, contact Beth Patrick at 815-748-2385.

Please note: The convenience fee for utility bills is $3.75 for payments up to $450. The convenience fee for all other online payments is 3.25% of the transaction amount, with a minimum fee of $3.25.

Payments can also be made in person at:

DeKalb City Hall
164 E. Lincoln Hwy
DeKalb IL 60115

Parking tickets can also be paid at:

DeKalb Police Department
700 West Lincoln Hwy
DeKalb IL 60115

Bail Bond Payments for Custodial Arrest

If you have been arrested and are making a bail bond payment for release from custody, please click here. This portal is not maintained by the City of DeKalb and any payments made will not go toward a debt owed to the City.