Refuse, Recycling & Yard Waste

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Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) is the City’s exclusive waste hauler effective September 1, 2018. LRS's Cortland facility will serve as headquarters for DeKalb services.

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Refuse and Recycling Cart Information

All residents of single family and multi-family homes, with an active City of DeKalb utility/garbage account, will receive one (1) 95-gallon cart for refuse and one (1) 65-gallon cart for recyclables by default, no action is required. 

LRS also offers optional 65-gallon and 95-gallon carts for yard waste available for residents to rent for a small fee billed quarterly. Fees are billed for months that fall within the yard waste collection season.

  • 65-gallon yard waste cart = $3.00 per month
  • 95-gallon yard waste cart = $5.00 per month

Residents with special requests for additional refuse or recycling carts or requests for larger or smaller carts, including 35-gallon carts for senior citizens, may submit requests by one of the three methods listed below.

Special requests for the smaller carts may not arrive with the initial delivery of carts as the smaller carts are special order. However, LRS plans to have all special requests accommodated by October 17, 2018. Requests made prior to August 17 should arrive before September 1. Requests made between August 18 and September 1 will arrive between September 10 and September 29.

LRS will begin to deliver garbage and recycling carts to residents on Monday, August 27. Carts will arrive before your regular pickup day that week. Residents may briefly hold both LRS and Waste Management (WM) carts as the exchange may overlap. LRS will not remove WM cart

WM will begin to pick up their carts on August 29, 30, and 31, coinciding with WM’s final pick-up days. Residents must leave carts out after WM’s final collection. Residents with leftover carts must call WM customer service at 800-796-9696 to schedule a pick-up. 

Scheduled Collection Days

LRS will keep Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as the scheduled pickup days. Please note that a small number of households with Thursday collection will be moved to Wednesday beginning with the first collection in September.

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Core Services

  1. Garbage: LRS will provide one (1) 95-gallon cart as part of this service. One (1) appliance such as a refrigerator or stove may be placed out for collection each week.
  2. Recyclables: The weekly collection of recyclables will occur on the same day as your refuse collection day. LRS will provide one (1) 65-gallon for recyclables.
  3. Yard Waste: Weekly collection of yard waste will occur on the same day as the above services. LRS will collect yard waste from April 1 through the end of November, including garden trimmings, branches and brush under two inches (2”) in diameter, leaves, flowers, plants, weeds, grass clippings, etc. Place yard waste in biodegradable landscape waste bags, or use an open garbage can marked with "YW" or "X", not exceeding 32-gallons and 50-lbs. Brush must be cut to 4-foot lengths and bundled with biodegradable twine or string, not to exceed 50 pounds. LRS will provide annual Christmas tree collections for the first two weeks in January.

New Services

  1. Electronic Waste (E-waste) Collection: Beginning in October 2018, LRS will collect E-Waste on the first scheduled pickup day of every month. E-Waste items include computer mice, monitors, computers, DVD players, fax machines, portable digital music players, printers, satellite receivers, scanners, televisions, video game consoles, and videocassette recorders.  Smaller E-Waste items may be placed at the curb in a brown paper bag or a 24” x 24” x 24” or smaller cardboard box. Please mark the box as "E-waste". E-waste should be separate from the garbage, recyclables, and yard waste containers so it is easy for the driver to identify. Residents with televisions and monitors weighing over 50 pounds or larger than 19 inches should contact LRS customer service department prior to the scheduled collection day.
  2. Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW): Beginning in the Spring of 2019, LRS will introduce a new service for the collection of HHW. LRS will collect HHW materials from your front door or driveway. More information will be provided for residents as it becomes available. 
  3. Organic Food Scraps (OFS): During the yard waste collection season, residents may mix OFS with yard waste. Acceptable OFS include bread, cereal, coffee grounds, dairy, egg shells, eggs, fruits, grain, pasta, shells, and vegetables.