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Application for Commercial Utility Service & Billing

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  2. Municipal Code Chapter 7, Section 15, requires that utility service accounts for water, sewer, and refuse (where applicable) be held in the owner’s name and that bills be mailed to the owner. Please complete this application to establish a utility service account or to update an existing account. Please see below for more details.

  3. Are you buying, leasing or selling the commercial property?*

    If you are buying the home, please complete the "Buyer" section of the form. If you are leasing, complete the "Commercial Tenant" section. And if you are selling, complete the "Seller" section.

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  5. Commercial Tenant
  6. Seller
  7. Additional Details

    Starting Service

    Available service start dates are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

    When a commercial property is sold, this form must be submitted to start services. Owners of commercial properties may send utility bills directly to the commercial tenant.

    Autopay is an option for commercial tenants/business accounts. The authorization form can be found here.

    Confirmation of the new account will be your first bill.

    Bills are issued every two months. Bills are due on the 21st of the month, unless the 21st falls on a weekend or holiday. The due date will then be the next business day.

    Final Request

    Final requests will be processed for the buying/selling of property or commercial tenants at the start/end of a commercial lease.

    A final bill will not be processed more than 5 business days before the closing date. Please provide 48 hours notice of any changes in closing date. If you have a credit on your account, it will be applied towards your final charges. If the credit exceeds the amount due, we will transfer the balance if you have another open account. If you do not have an open account, we will issue the refund via check to the forwarding address provided. The check will be issued approximately 5 weeks after the final bill is processed.

    Chance of Billing Address

    Property owners who rent the property will need to provide a mailing address if you move.

    If you change property management, this form must be resubmitted with updated information.

    Tenants will not receive a bill from the City of DeKalb directly.

    For questions regarding water quality or turn-on or turn-off of service, please contact the Water Department at 815-748-2050.

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