Public Mural Program

A fist with the word Love is part of the Unity mural in the Lincoln Highway underpass

The Public Mural Program encourages community artists to help beautify the City of DeKalb through the creation of murals.

Public Art Program

Interested in creating a public mural? The City's Citizens' Community Enhancement Commission has created these guidelines to help you get started.

Public Mural Application

Ready to get started? Here is the application to submit your mural proposal.


Would you like to see a mural painted on your building? Owners of private property can volunteer to have their building listed on this website as a possible mural site. If you are interested, e-mail

These City-owned properties can be used in a mural application:

Community Center & Annex Building - East Façade 

South Fourth Street

The west wall of the Community Center at South Fourth & Grove Street

Community Center & Annex Building - West Façade

330 Grove Street

The DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport sign and a hangar

DeKalb Airport hangars

Pleasant Street

The north wall of the Street Division building

Streets Division Building

1316 Market Street

The north wall of the Water Division building

Water Division Building

1216 Market Street

The west wall of the Cold Storage building

Cold Storage Building

1510 Market Street

The east façade of Barb City Manor

Barb City Manor - East Façade

680 Haish Boulevard

The west and south walls of Barb City Manor

Barb City Manor - West & South Façades

Other City-Owned Properties

Fire Station 1 - 700 Pine Street

Fire Station 2 - 1154 South Seventh Street

Fire Station 3 - 950 West Dresser Road

Police Station - 700 West Lincoln Highway

City Hall - 164 East Lincoln Highway

* Well House #12 - 1106 West Fairview Drive

East Water Tower & Control House - 111 Oak Street

* West Water Tower & Water Treatment Plant - 1505 West Lincoln Highway

South Water Tower & Water Treatment Plant - 2851 & 2853 Corporate Drive

North Water Tower & Water Treatment Plant - 900 West Dresser Road

Water Treatment Plant - 1685 County Farm Road

Well House #15 - 21156 Nelson Road

* Well House #16/17 - 2650 North Annie Glidden Road

(* City building on leased property)