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  1. City of DeKalb General Comments
  2. Photo Submission Form
  3. Service Request- City of DeKalb
  1. City Spotlight Nomination Form

    DeKalb is a great place to live, work, and play. In an effort to highlight those that work to make DeKalb great, the City has started a... More…

  2. Service Request- City Manager's Office

Community Development

  1. Plan Review Form

    This form is set to provide the Building Division of Community Development with information and plans in an electronic format.

  1. Service Request- Community Development

Crime Free Housing

  1. Crime Free Housing Property Maintenance On-Line Complaint
  2. Crime-Free Housing Landlord Registration

    Landlords should use this form to register their rental property.

  1. Crime-Free Housing Landlord Refresher Completion

    Landlords should use this form to certify they completed the refresher training

  2. Crime-Free Housing Security Plan Submission

    Landlords should use this form to submit their security plan to the City's Crime-Free Housing Bureau.


  1. Application for Commercial Utility Service & Billing

    Use this form to begin utility service & billing at a home you have purchased, transfer service if you are selling a home or to update... More…

  2. Service Request- Finance
  1. Application for Residential Utility Service & Billing

    Use this form to begin utility service & billing at a home you have purchased, transfer service if you are selling a home or to update... More…

Fire Department

  1. AED Grant Application

    The DeKalb Firefighter Union Local #1236, in cooperation with the DeKalb Fire Department, is sponsoring a community Automatic External... More…

  1. Fire Department Inquiry

    If this is an emergency, please call 911. Please use this form to request station tours, make a suggestion, ask a question, etc.


  1. How to Blog- Post Ideas
  2. Website Update Suggestions
  1. Memorial Day

    Please complete this form to participate in the Memorial Day parade or program.

Police Department

  1. Commend an Officer

    Thank an officer for a job well done. Take the time to recognize the officer and they will be considered for a commendation.

  2. General Inquiries

    Please use this form for all other requests/inquiries.

  3. Make a Complaint to the Citizen Police Review Board

    Submit this form to make a complaint to the Citizens Police Review Board.

  4. Request a Speaker

    If you would like to request a speaker please submit request at least 30 days in advance.

  5. T.I.P.S. Training Registration

    T.I.P.S. training is for anyone who serves alcohol in a licensed establishment. Servers of alcohol in the City of DeKalb must complete... More…

  6. Vacation Check

    The DeKalb Police Department will monitor your home when you are away.

  1. DeKalb Voluntary Camera Registration Program

    The program allows residents and business owners to register the location of their video surveillance system with the department.... More…

  2. Make a Complaint

    Complete this form to make a complaint.

  3. Neighborhood Streets

    This survey was created as an effort by the Police Department to gain additional feedback from residents who live on streets where... More…

  4. Special Needs / Disability Emergency Contact Form
  5. Unemployment Scam

    The DeKalb Police Department has seen an increase in residents who have fallen victim to an unemployment scam. In this scam,... More…