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Police Department

  1. Commend an Officer

    Thank an officer for a job well done. Take the time to recognize the officer and they will be considered for a commendation.

  2. Make a Complaint

    Complete this form to make a complaint.

  3. Request a Speaker

    If you would like to request a speaker please submit request at least 30 days in advance.

  4. T.I.P.S. Training Registration

    T.I.P.S. training is for anyone who serves alcohol in a licensed establishment. Servers of alcohol in the City of DeKalb must complete... More…

  1. General Inquiries

    Please use this form for all other requests/inquiries.

  2. Neighborhood Streets
  3. Sleepy Hollow / Pickwick Parking Survey
  4. Vacation Check

    The DeKalb Police Department will monitor your home when you are away.