When is my street, alley, or sidewalk going to be repaired?
The Engineering Division has a condition rating list of streets and alleys to determine a proposed 2 year program of street or alley maintenance, subject to change based on City Council input and funding levels. A call to the Engineering Division can be made at 815 748-2033 to check to see if your street or alley is programmed for maintenance on the 2 year list.

Sidewalk conditions are not yet inventoried Citywide so a list is accumulated by address of sidewalk hazards called in or so noted by City staff from year to year of walks with raised surface 1 ½ inch or more compared to the adjacent panel. Sidewalk repair funds vary greatly from year to year with general neighborhood work areas selected by Engineering Division recommendations to the City Council and by review of the hazard list to repair sidewalks with the available funding. Less severe sidewalk hazards called in may be ground smooth or ramped with asphalt by Public Works Street Operations personnel. Chronic pothole locations may be called into the Street Operations Division when noted for more immediate attention by filling with temporary patch mix, pending a permanent repair of the street or alley surface at a later date.

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