2018 Street Maintenance Program

Updates on the City's annual street maintenance program.

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Sep 21

Targeted End Dates Remain on Schedule for Final Phase

Posted on September 21, 2018 at 2:35 PM by Patrick DiDiana

Targeted end dates for the final phase of the 2018 Street Maintenance Program remain on schedule.  Contractors have completed milling and with the weather permitting will begin paving operations this Saturday, September, 22 on Ridge Drive.  

Ridge Drive
Contractors have finished milling Ridge Drive from Bayfield to First Street. 

Ridge 2

Today, contractors began prepping for paving on Ridge Drive by sweeping for dust and debris.

Ridge 3

Contractors are working quickly to complete driveway approaches too. 


East Taylor Street    
Milling on East Taylor from Maplewood Avenue to South Seventh Street has also finished. The crosswalk upgrades will also be completed before paving operations.

Taylor St long shot

Taylor Sidewalk

Maplewood Avenue and South 11th Street
Milling on both Maplewood Avenue and South 11th Street from East Taylor to the pavement changes has been completed. Upon release, Public Works will post next week's tentative paving schedule for the above streets.  In the meantime, residents are asked to proceed with caution and adhere to any future parking restrictions.  

11th st