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DSATS Policy Committee
Wednesday, 12 September 2018
3:00 P.M.

DeKalb County Highway Department
1826 Barber Greene Rd.
DeKalb, IL 60115
Conference Room # 815-756-6026



Administrative Agenda


Approval of Agenda (Action)

ACTION: Approval of September 12, 2018 PC Agenda.

Approval of Minutes (Action)

Approval of the July 11, 2018, PC meeting minutes.

Public Comment


Governance – IGA and Bylaws Amendments


Approval to Hold a Special Policy Committee Meeting (Action):

On September 14, 2018 at 2:30 pm, The DeKalb City Attorney and DSATS Director will be meeting with the States Attorney and NIU's attorneys to discuss the IGA and By-Laws. Upon completion of those talks, staff is looking to hold special meetings of the Bylaws Subcommittee and Policy Committee to approve the updated IGA so that each member organizations Council can begin the process of approving the IGA. Staff is requesting members select a date during the week of September 17-21 to hold a special meeting to approve the DSATS IGA and Bylaws

ACTION: Approval to hold a special DSATS PC meeting on a date selected by members to approval the revised DSATS IGA and Bylaws.

Roadway Agenda


DSATS FY19-23 TIP Revision 2 & 3

The DSATS FY19-23 TIP Revision 2 involved updating some project costs for some DeKalb County and IDOT projects, which were processed as administrative actions by Staff. Staff processed an AC Conversion requests from IDOT as TIP Revision 3 and is notifying members of the action taken.

Pavement & Bridge (PM2) And System Performance (PM3) Performance Targets (Action)

Staff has received the Pavement & Bridge (PM2) and System Performance (PM3) performance targets. DSATS has 180 days (November 14, 2018) to either adopt the states targets or implement our own targets. Staff has compiled information provided by IDOT about Bridge and Roadway conditions in DeKalb County that will be presented to members. This information will be provided as part of the next TIP update. The PM2 and PM3 performance targets only apply to roads and bridges on the Federal Highway System, which in the DSATS planning area are only the state and federal highways, with one small section of Peace Road which is local. As these roads are all managed by IDOT, staff is recommending that DSATS adopt the state’s PM targets for the DSATS region.

ACTION: Recommend the DSATS Policy Committee approve the use of the States PM2 and PM3 performance targets.

Transit Agenda


DSATS FY19-23 TIP Revision 1

DSATS staff submitted a grant for the purchase of replacement buses for much of the VAC fleet. There was a significant savings in the anticipated cost of the purchase of new buses, therefore leaving a large amount of grant funds being unused. Currently there is not a need to buy additional buses. The grant can be revised to other uses, but only for additional buses, or the purchase of support equipment for those buses. City and VAC staff identified the need for additional cameras in the bus fleet and installation of radios in some vehicles which currently do not have them. The remaining funds should be used to install bus destination signs on most of the fleet vehicles. As this transfer of funds between already existing line-item projects, staff processed the TIP modification as an administrative action. The revisions were submitted and approved by the FTA. Not action is needed by the Transit Subcommittee.

Core Network Transit Changes Update

Staff will provide members with an update on the implementation of the transit Core Network Changes implemented in August.

Bus Shelter Project Update

Staff will provide an update on the Bus Shelter Project.

Active Transportation Agenda

No Agenda Items.

Closing Agenda


Staff and Project Updates

Updates from staff and local member organizations on projects.

What's New with Our State and Federal Partners

Updates from IDOT, FHWA, and FTA Staffs on what is happening at the state and federal level.

Additional Business

Any additional business members may have for the group.


If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact:
Brian Dickson
Transportation Planner

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