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DSATS Policy Committee
Wednesday, 27 May 2015
3:00 P.M.

DeKalb County Highway Department
1826 Barber Green Rd
DeKalb, IL 60115
Conference Room # 815-756-6026
Introductions / Roll Call
Approval of April 2015 PC Minutes
Public Comment
At this time comments from the public in attendance shall be taken
Recognition of Ron Naylor’s Service to DSATS
Ron Naylor served the Policy Committee since 2007. DSATS would like to take a moment to thank him for his service.
Items for Action
Approval of DSATS FY 16-20 TIP for Public Comment (action item)

In order to meet public comment requirements, the FY16-20 TIP must go for the 14-day public comment process in May. The TAC Committee has reviewed and recommended approval of the TIP for Public Review. Staff is seeking approval of the FY16-20 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to be submitted for public review.  Staff will seek final approval of the TIP at the June Policy Committee meeting.

Also, IDOT staff suggested DSATS adopt a new Self-Certification of the MPO with updated language.  In the past, DSATS has adopted the Self-Certification Resolution in December.  IDOT suggested that the certification be included as part of the TIP which is published annual.  Staff is requesting adoption of the DSATS self-certification with inclusion in the DSATS FY16-20 TIP. 

Action:  Approve the DSATS Annual Self-Certification with inclusion into the DSATS FY16-20 TIP. 

Action:  Approve the DSATS FY16-20 TIP for 14-day public comment.

Approval of DSATS 2040 LRTP Plan for Public Comment (action item)
Parson Brinkerhoff and DSATS staffs are completing work on the DSATS 2040 LRTP and are seeking approval from the Policy Committee to submit the plan for the required 45-day public comment period.  DSATS will be hosting a public outreach meeting on the LRTP on June 2, 2015 from 5 pm – 7 pm at the DeKalb County Legislative Center's Gathertorium 200 N. Main Street, Sycamore, IL 60178.  Staff will be seeking final approval of the DSATS 2040 LRTP at its June meeting conditional on the completion of the 45-day public comment period and staff addressing all public comments received.

Due to time constraints, staff is requested Policy Committee members review the Long-Range Plan prior to the Policy Committee Meeting and submit those comments to staff as soon as possible.  Any comments received after the Policy Committee meeting shall be included in the final document, however, those comments will be unavailable in the Draft document being submitted for public review.

:  Approve the DSATS 2040 LRTP for 45-day public comment period.
Approval of DSATS 2015 TIGER Grant Resolution of Support (action item)
DSATS staff is submitting a TIGER grant application on behalf of the City of DeKalb to fully fund the construction of a new transit facility.  As the City is the fiscal agent, the DeKalb City Council must adopt a resolution authorizing the Mayor to submit the application.  Staff is also seeking Letters of Support and Resolutions of Support from the various government agencies, politicians, and other agencies to show the regional buy-in for a new transit facility.  As part of the process, staff is seeking a Resolution of Support from DSATS for the new transit facility.

: Approve the DSATS 2015 TIGER Grant Resolution of Support.
Approval of Bus Shelter Locations (action)
The TAC committee has approved the final list of bus shelters to be funded with transit funds and staff is seeking approval from the Policy Committee to fund the identified 24 locations.  With this approval staff will finalize precise costs for each location and submit a grant funding request to the FTA using the grant funds allocated to the DeKalb metropolitan region.

Action: Approve selected locations for grant submittal.

IL-23 Repaving Discussion
DSATS just received the list of IDOT projects in the region.  In 2017 there is a project to resurface IL-23 from 4th Street in DeKalb to 0.5 miles south of IL-64 in Sycamore.  This project shall include resurfacing and upgrading intersections for ADA compliance.  One of the medium/long-term goals of the DSATS Bike/Pedestrian plan is the completion of the sidewalk system along this section of IL-23.  IDOT’s policy is to only add sidewalks when a roadway is being reconstructed, but not when it is being resurfaced, therefore other sources of funding would have to be found to add sidewalks as part of this construction project.  Staff is seeking a discussion from members about leveraging local funding sources to include sidewalk construction as part of this project.
Whats new with our State and Fed Partners
Updates from IDOT, FHWA, and FTA staffs on what’s happening on the state and federal level.

Staff and Project Updates
Updates on staff projects and ongoing DSATS projects.
Additional Business
Any additional business or information member organizations may have
Adjournment of the meeting

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