Recycling Unique Materials

American Flags: 
Flags can be dropped off at any local V.F.W. or American Legion Post for proper disposal.  Check local directory for locations at 

Electronics disposal in landfills is prohibited. Recycling opportunities are available-Electronics Recycling Schedules.

Lions Club

Hazardous Wastes:
The Illinois EPA operates regional sites to take household hazardous waste at no charge. There are two sites in this region-one in Naperville and one in Rockford- that have weekend hours. 

Hearing Aids:
Lions Club

Holiday Lights: 
DeKalb County Health Department conducts a collection each holiday season. 

Latex Paint: 
If the paint is dry, the container can be discarded in your regular trash. If there is still liquid in the can, trash haulers are prohibited from taking it. It can be saved until the health department's annual latex paint collection (usually held in the summer).

Motor Oil: 
Illinois EPA household hazardous waste collection site. The health department periodically sponsors used motor oil collections. Watch local media for dates.

Plastic Bags:
Check Local Grocery Stores

Prescription Medications:
DeKalb Police Department-24/7 Drop Box In Front Lobby.

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