Hangar Information


Leasing Information

If you are interested in renting a hangar please contact the Airport Manager, Renee Riani, by phone at 815-748-8102 or Email.

The Airport offers heated and unheated hangars (see below for square footage and pricing).

T-Hangar leases are available for a one year term and then on a month-to-month basis with a 30 day notice of cancellation.

Hangar Prices

Leases are 1 Year Term from the Move in Date then Month to Month with 30 Day Notice


1066 Square Feet                             Price $277.20

1209 Square Feet                             Price $310.79

1455 Square Feet                             Price $370.64

Heated (Tenants pay for heat, City pays for electricity)

1440 Square Feet                             Price $389.55

1656 Square Feet                             Price $442.04

1944 Square Feet                             Price $511.35

 Corporate Hangar (Heated, Tenants pay for heat and electricity)

4225 Square Feet                             Price $1041.59

Month to Month

FBO Community Hangar                Price Determined By Aircraft Size

Tie Down Class A                                             Price $125.00

Tie Down Class B                                             Price $450.00

Privately Owned Hangars

Eagles Nest Condo Hangar provides sales of condo T-Hangars and corporate hangars. For sales information contact 630-918-8569.

Midwest Hangar Corporation provides sales of condo corporate hangars. For sales information contact 630-306-6983.

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