Building and Grounds

Building and Grounds has the responsibility for repairs and maintenance for DeKalb’s three fire stations, which were built in 1957, 1973, and 1994.  Snow removal, mowing, and landscaping are just a few of the activities handled by on duty firefighters.  Daily and weekly maintenance as well as minor station repairs are handled by on duty DeKalb firefighters. 

Daily cleaning chores (housework) are completed by duty shift personnel 365 days a year.  Crews are also tasked with maintaining station systems.  We maintain our plymovent vehicle exhaust system.  General weekly maintenance on HVAC systems is done by on duty crews.  Major repairs and significant maintenance are handled by local private contractors, which specialize in their respective fields.                                                                                          

Buildings and Grounds is overseen by the Shift 1 Battalion Chief.  The Shift 1 Captain is responsible for janitorial supplies for all three stations.  Each Shift Lieutenant is responsible for overseeing the care and maintenance of their assigned station.

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