DSATS Listservs

DeKalb Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS) maintains some listservs to distribute information about DSATS and transportation news

DSATS Newsletter
DSATS publishes a monthly newsletter about transportation information in the DSATS area. E-mail Jessica Hyink if you wish to be emailed this monthly report.

Transportation News
DSATS staff compiles various news transportation news stories from the region and national news which may have local impacts. Each email will have links to various stories and is sent out on an as needed basis. It usually is sent out either daily or weekly depending on the amount of news available. Contact Lynnea Erickson if you wish to subscribe to this listserv.

Other Listservs
  • CTPP-News: The purpose of this list is to discuss census data issues of relevance to the 'general' transportation planning community.
  • FTA Listserv: Website to subscribe to various Federal Transit Authority (FTA) Information Listservs
  • GPOLISTSERV: Various U.S. government listservs
  • University of South Florida: Transportation, telework, Bus Rapid Transit, parking, sustainable transport Indicators