Eastern Corridor Study

Purpose of the Study
The findings of this study are only an advisory study for use by the local governments if they should look at developing such a corridor in the future, when development warrants. DSATS implemented this study as part of its Long Range Transportation Plan, which looks at transportation development goals over the next 20 to 30 years.

As DeKalb County continues to grow, it is anticipated that demands upon the regions transportation system will continue to grow and DSATS feels it is important to identify possible corridors now, so that in the next 10 to twenty years, should growth continue as anticipated, there are plans available to identify those new transportation corridors.

Study Proposal
DeKalb Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS) approved a study for an approximately 9-mile eastern transportation corridor linking Sycamore to Cortland. The purpose of this study is to identify possible alignment alternatives for a new transportation corridor that will improve connections between existing and proposed urbanized developments within the eastern DSATS planning area.

The proposed eastern corridor would provide convenient north-south access and would encourage planned growth in the region. This study will also analyze each of the alignment alternatives with respect to their feasibility, costs, and environmental impacts. In addition, a proposed timeline and a funding mechanism analysis will be presented to provide an understanding of the resources needed to implement the corridor.

Initial Planning Study Presentation
The 1st planning study was presented in an open house which received numerous comments. DSATS and Baxter and Woodman staff are currently updating the corridor alternatives to address comments received from the public.