DeKalb Airport is a full-service, all-weather airport with a newly commissioned ILS on our 7,025 foot Runway 2 as well as GPS approaches to all runways.

  • A full-service Fixed Based Operator (FBO) DeKalb Flight Center, 815-758-3521, offers very competitive fuel prices.
  • Aircraft handling
  • Cargo handling
  • Ground Power Unit (GPU)
  • Aircraft de-icing
  • Conference Room with Wi-Fi available
  • Jet-A and 100LL are available
  • Self serve 100LL is available on the west side of the FBO hangar
  • Transient hangar facilities and tie down
  • Airport courtesy cars
Fly America
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 61 Flight School provides exceptional flight instruction to all students.
Fly America also provides aircraft maintenance and rental of Piper and Cessna aircraft.

Win Aviation
Win Aviation