Utility Billing

Welcome to the City of DeKalb Utility Billing!

The City of DeKalb provides billing to residential and commercial customers for water service, sewer service, and garbage pickup.   Utility billing (Water billing) is part of the Finance Department.  Customers may sign up for new service, obtain account information, or have their services discontinued through this Department by calling 815-748-2085.

  Utility Billing Application for Service

The Water Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for repairs and maintenance of the City's water system.  

Pay Your Bill

  Payment Options
    Pay Online - Click the link below to make your utility payment online using Visa,                       MasterCard, or Discover.


    Automatic Withdrawal - Your utility payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank
     on the due date of your bill.  Enrollment form can be found here or in the lobby of City Hall.
     There are several advantages to using this payment option, which include:
  •  No check writing
  •  No mailing costs, including postage
  •  No trips to pay in person
  •  You will never be late
  •  It's a free service!
    Online Bill Pay - Payments made through your bank or online bill pay service will need to
     include your current utility account number on your remittance.  This payment option is not      an immediate electronic process for the City as most banks issue physical checks that will        be mailed to the City via the United States Postal Service.   
    Pay by Mail - Mail check, money order, or cashier's check to City of DeKalb Utility Billing,
     PO Box 787, DeKalb IL 60115-0787.  Please include the remittance portion of your bill
     along with your payment.
    Pay via Drop Box - Payments can be made using the drop box located behind City Hall,
     which is accessible 24 hours a day.  Payments placed in the drop box after 8am will be
     processed on the next business day.  Do not place cash payments in the drop box.
    Pay in Person - Payments can be made at City Hall, located at 200 South Fourth Street, 
     Monday through Friday during normal business hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm.
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It is the resident's responsibility to detect and repair any leaks in their water system.  Unfortunately, even small leaks can have a tremendous effect on your water bill.  Residents are encouraged to repair any leaks as soon as possible.  
        Toilet Leaks
        Water Leaks

Utility Assistance Program

The City offers financial assistance for water and garbage to those who qualify.  The qualification is income based and individuals must be at least 62 years old or a disabled resident.  The utility bill must be in the qualified resident's name, unless they are renting the property.  Please contact the Finance Department for more information at 815-748-2387.  An application is available here and in the main lobby at City Hall.