FBO & Other Aviation Facilities

DeKalb Flight Center

DeKalb Flight Center is a full service FBO (fixed-base operator) providing the services listed below: Hours are 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM seven days a week. Contact the DeKalb Flight Center via email or by phone at 815-758-3521.

  • 24-hour self service 100LL fueling
  • After hours Jet A fueling available
  • Aircraft fueling
  • Aircraft de-icing
  • Aircraft handling and storage
  • Ground Power Unit (GPU)
  • Cargo handling
  • Catering
  • Conference room
  • Courtesy cars
  • Pilot lounge
  • Weather room
  • Wi-Fi

Fly America

Fly America offers flight training, aircraft maintenance, and a pilot shop. Please contact Fly America at 815-981-3307.

Win Aviation

Win Aviation provides aircraft sales, engine sales, aircraft parts and maintenance, and ferrying and recovery services. They can be reached by phone at 815-981-8284.

Rev'd Up Motorsports

Rev'd Up Motorsports provides aircraft maintenance.  They can be reached at 815-970-3716.

DTMA1 - jet
Airport De-Icer truck