Street Operations


The Street Operations Division is responsible for the daily maintenance and repair of the City’s:

  • Alleys
  • Parking Lots
  • Parkway Trees
  • Public Buildings and Grounds and Related Mechanical Systems
  • River Levee Maintenance
  • Storm Water Collection System
  • Street Lighting Systems
  • Street Signs
  • Streets
  • Traffic Signals
The Operations Division also maintains the City’s fleet of vehicles and equipment, fills potholes, sweeps roadways, mows all city-owned properties, maintains planters, seasonal banners, and holiday decorations in the Central Business District, and responds to emergency situations when road closures are required. Contact us to arrange a visit of the Street Operations Division facilities for your school or daycare class.

Seasonal Spotlight

Summer Time is Mosquito Time

​Street Division crews treat the City's catch basins with mosquito larvicides.  

Help us reduce these insects by eliminating all sources of standing water that can support mosquito breeding.  Change water in bird baths, empty standing water in flower pots, wading pools, old tires or other receptacles.  Keep gutters clear of debris so they drain properly.  

Keep grass cut short and shrubbery well trimmed so adult mosquitoes will not hide there.

For more information:  Illinois Department of Public Health