Field Training

The Field Training Program is designed to prepare new officers to perform the essential duties of a police officer and to enhance the professionalism of the department through a contemporary, vigorous training system.

The goal of the program is to produce a self-reliant police officer who is trained to modern professional law enforcement standards.

The training is structured as a 4 phase, 14-week program that prepares new officers in the various aspects of police work. The trainee rotates between 3 different Field Training Officers (FTO’s) during the 14-week program. The FTO’s provide a link between the Basic Law Enforcement Academy curriculum and the police performance expectations of the community and the department. The trainee also completes a week of training in the Investigation Division upon successful completion of training in the Patrol Division. The trainee also spends time working with the Telecommunicators and the School Resource Officer.

The trainees are oriented to the department and given instruction in city and county geography and jurisdictional boundaries. They are taught:
  • Accident investigation
  • Arrest procedures
  • Complete instruction in city ordinances and department policy
  • Court procedures
  • Criminal investigation techniques
  • DUI enforcement
  • Juvenile operations
  • Medical assistance services
  • Radio procedures
  • Search and seizure guidelines
  • Traffic-related enforcement duties
  • Vehicle operation
There is also instruction in the topics of community policing and ethnic diversity to enhance the trainee’s knowledge of these matters. The trainee interacts with other area law enforcement agencies and becomes familiar with the Northern Illinois University campus and its geographical boundaries.