Downtown Redevelopment Plan

University towns such as DeKalb thrive on the spark of young blood balanced with traditional Locust Street and small-town charm with new business growth and its urban amenities.

Location Benefits

The people of DeKalb enjoy the benefits that come with the proximity to an international city like Chicago and from a major state university including libraries, museums, music, recreational facilities, sports, and live theater.

DeKalb’s proximity to major markets and the community’s cultural and educational opportunities are primary reasons why the City is steadily growing.

Future Development

For the past several years, the City of DeKalb has focused its economic development efforts on attracting an economically viable mix of unique shopping, restaurant, professional service and other Locust Street drawing uses to the Downtown. 

Redevelopment Plan Highlights

In 2007, the City of DeKalb engaged the services of Hitchcock Design Group to prepare a Downtown Revitalization Plan (PDF) which included: 
  • Inventorying current downtown land uses
  • Evaluating building quality
  • Determining retail potential
  • Evaluating parking needs and transportation issues
  • Establishing a set of design guidelines for private investment and future streetscaping undertaken by the City