Human Resources

Duties & Responsibilities

The function of the Human Resources (HR) Department is to administer all aspects of personnel services including:

  • Recruitment, selection and retention
  • Salary and compensation administration
  • Employee training, workforce development and performance evaluation
  • Management of employee benefits programs
  • Workers' compensation, occupational heath and wellness programs administration
  • Participation in labor-management and union contract administration for three bargaining units (AFSCME, IAFF and FOP).
  • Administration of HR Information Systems

The HR Department is responsible for establishing, administering and effectively communication sound employee policies, rules and practices that treat employees with dignity, respect and equality. This occurs while maintaining City's compliance with all employment and labor laws, management directives and labor agreements.
HR provides personnel management systems administration and employee orientation, training and professional development. HR also works to attract talented workforce by disseminating employment information to colleges, universities, municipalities, media as well as assisting prospective employees though the recruitment process.

The HR Department is committed to achieve the highest standards of public administration through sound HR practices, to ensure compliance with federal and local employment laws. HR also provides employees with the support, training and development they need to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of their positions as a public servant.