City Manager

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Duties & Responsibilities

The City Manager's Office main goal is to ensure effective implementation of City Council policies through efficient professional management of all aspects of City government. The City Manager serves as the City's chief administrative officer and in this capacity is responsible for the administration, coordination, and management of all City services and employees.

The City Manager's Office is also responsible for:
  • Supervising all City departments, personnel, and programs
  • Administering all of the City Council policies
  • Preparing and administering the annual City budget
  • Coordinating the City's participation in area mass transit programs including NIU/DeKalb Huskie Bus System and Trans Vac
  • Scheduling meeting rooms for community/civic organization

City Budget

The City Manager is also responsible for maintaining a sound City financial condition through preparation and management of DeKalb's annual $93 million budget.

Organizational Chart

The City of DeKalb is a full service community, complete with its own Fire Department, Water Division, and municipal airport. Click here to see the City's organizational chart.