City Clerk

Duties & Responsibilities

Since 2013, the DeKalb City Council has assigned the City Clerk only the duties specifically set by Illinois statutes and local ordinances, which means the position is currently part-time.

The duties are as follows:

  • The City Clerk is the keeper of the City Seal. The City Clerk is responsible for attesting the Mayor's signature and applying the City Seal to all ordinances, resolutions, agreements, and some licenses and permits.
  • The City Clerk must attend all meetings of City Council including executive sessions.
  • The City Clerk takes roll call of all votes and notes the votes for the official record.
  • The City Clerk prepares all minutes of meetings held by City Council and maintains audio recordings of executive sessions.
  • Duties associated with municipal elections.
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Sasha Cohen, City Clerk 
Phone: 815-748-2095 
Fax: 815-748-2091 

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