Application for Unscheduled Bus Arrivals

On Jan. 8, the DeKalb City Council approved an ordinance regulating unscheduled bus stops in the City of DeKalb.


This ordinance applies to bus service that meets the following criteria:

• Commercial motor vehicles operating as common carriers engaged in privately chartered service.

• The service is not part of a regularly scheduled, publicly available transportation route.

• The service includes the disembarking of 10 or more passengers within the City who will not reboard.

• The service does not include arrangements for round-trip transportation.


The owner or manager of a chartered service meeting these criteria must file an application with the City’s Division of Transportation within the DeKalb Public Works Department to allow passengers to disembark in the City’s corporate limits. This application must be submitted and approved at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the date of the proposed arrival.


Owners or managers found in violation of the ordinance are subject to fines. Additionally, the commercial motor vehicle may be seized and impounded until any fines or attendant hospitality costs are paid in full.

The application can be downloaded here.