Housing Discrimination

Discrimination based on race, creed, color, gender, religion, age, national origin, or ancestry, physical or mental disability, marital status, matriculation or sexual orientation is prohibited in the City of DeKalb.

There are three steps you can take if you believe you have been discriminated against while trying to secure housing.

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Determine if you have been discriminated against for a reason against the law.

The Illinois Human Rights Act prohibits housing discrimination based on1:

AncestryNational Origin
SexSexual Orientation
Marital StatusPregnancy
Familial Status 
(Families with children under 18)
Order of Protection Status
(40 and older)
Military Status
Unfavorable Discharge from the Military ServiceArrest Record
Source of Income
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Determine if a discriminatory action has been taken against you.

Being denied housing is one but not the only discriminatory action that homebuyers and renters may face. If you are in one of the protected classes listed above, it is illegal in Illinois for property owners, landlords, real estate agents or anyone else involved in a real estate transaction to take the following actions against you:

Refuse to rent or sell housingSet different terms, conditions or privileges for the sale or rental of housing
Falsely deny the availability of a propertySteer an applicant to another area
Refuse to provide reasonable accommodations or allow a disabled person to make reasonable accommodation to housingIntimidate, threaten or interfere with anyone making a free housing complaint
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File a complaint.

If you believe you have been a victim of housing discrimination, there are resources available to you.

The logo for the Illinois Department of Human Rights Opens in new windowIllinois Department of Human Rights
Fair Housing Division
File a housing charge of discrimination. In many cases, the investigator assigned to the case is able to help the parties resolve the matter, often within 100 days of the filing.
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US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

A report of housing discrimination can be made through HUD.

Prairie State Legal Services is another available resource. This not-for-profit law firm provides free civil legal services to senior citizens and low-income persons in northern and central Illinois, including the City of DeKalb. Housing is one area in which the firm offers services.

1Source: Illinois Department of Human Rights Fair Housing Division