DeKalb Metra Extension Feasibility Study

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The City of DeKalb, in partnership with Northern Illinois University (NIU), led a study to assess the feasibility of extending Metra’s Union Pacific West (UP-West) line from the Elburn station to the City of DeKalb. The study can be read here: 

DeKalb Metra Extension Feasibility Study

Study Goals

Information on the goals of the feasibility study.The study's aims were to identify the existing travel market between DeKalb and the Chicago metropolitan area, the number of potential riders, outline potential costs and other requirements for the service extension, and estimate, at a high level, possible funding opportunities. The feasibility study included ample outreach to the community to build support and identify community perspectives on a potential rail extension to DeKalb. The extension of the UP-West line would require construction and use of 15-miles of track owned by Union Pacific (UP) Railroad. The feasibility study outlines the agreements needed between the City of DeKalb, UP, and Metra to facilitate operation of the service.

Community Engagement

Information on the types of community engagement that will be conducted during the study.

Creation of the feasibility study included gathering public input through surveys, community events and public meetings. In May, two public meetings were held to share the findings of the feasibility study. Representatives from the City of DeKalb and Sam Schwartz Consulting, which performed the study, also took questions and heard community feedback. The second meeting was held virtually and can be viewed below.

How to Access Metra Now

The City of DeKalb, in partnership with NIU, runs a shuttle from DeKalb to the Elburn Train Station to facilitate use of Metra and other public transportation options. Please visit DeKalb’s Public Transit webpage for information on transit access throughout the City and the Route 12 shuttle service. 

Click Here for the Route 12 Shuttle’s Schedule

Questions on the feasibility study can be e-mailed here.