Advertising on the Huskie Line Buses

What type of advertising is allowed?

All decisions regarding advertising on the Huskie Line buses are made based upon the City of DeKalb Transit Advertising Policy.  This document contains all relevant information related to advertising including accepted and prohibited ads, costs, and contract information.  Please review this document prior to contacting the NIU or City representatives.

Who can I contact for information about advertising on the buses?

Businesses, organizations, or individuals who wish to purchase external advertising on the Huskie Line buses can contact the Northern Illinois University (NIU) Student Government Association (SGA), Director of Advertising, or inquiries can also be directed to the City of DeKalb Transit Manager.

NIU Student Government Association, Director of Advertising
Name: James Holmes
Phone: 815-753-0483

City of DeKalb Transit Manager
Name: Marcus Cox
Phone: 815-748-2370