Ordinance Title Date Passed
2020-001 Authorizing Boundary Modifications to the Area Known as the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone, Vacant Ground Addition, Option 2.  1/13/20
2020-002 Approving a Second Amendment to the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone Intergovernmental Agreement.  1/13/20
2020-003 Amending the Property Tax Abatement Qualifying Criteria and Definitions in the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone. 1/13/20
2020-004 Approving a Third Amendment to the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone Intergovernmental Agreement. 1/13/20
2020-005 Amending Chapter 35 “Towing”, Chapter 52 “Offenses Against Public Peace – Safety and Morals”, and Chapter 64 “Smoking Regulations” to Conform to New Cannabis and Tobacco Laws. 
2020-006 Authorizing an Amendment to Ordinance 2019-065 for the Northern Illinois University Annual Contribution for Integrated Transit Services.  1/27/20
2020-007 Amending the FY2020 Budget and Approving the Purchase of Genesis Battery Powered Hydraulic Extrications Tools in an Amount Not to Exceed $21,700.  1/27/20
2020-008 Proposing the Establishment of an Active Special Service Area Number 29 for Market Square Shopping Center and Providing for a Public Hearing and Other Proceedings in Connection Therewith. 1/27/20
2020-009 Authorizing a Tax Increment Financing Development Incentive Agreement with Rosa Balli for the Rehabilitation of the Property Located at 206 E. Lincoln Highway. 2/24/20
2020-010 Authorizing the Vacation of 5,774 Square Feet of Public Right-of-Way at John Street and Lincoln Highway, and Sale of Same to Richoz Enterprises, LLC in the Amount of $8,500. 2/24/20
2020-011 Amending Chapter 51 “Traffic”, Schedule C “Parking Prohibited”, Section 18 “No Parking at Any Time Except For Residents: Tow Zone”, and Schedule E “Limited Parking”, Subsection “Ten Minutes, for the Purpose of Loading and Unloading Persons”, as it Pertains to a Parking Restriction for Portions of Barb Boulevard, and the Entirety of Hedge Drive, Loren Drive, Northern Court, and University Drive.  Tabled 2/24/20
2020-012 Approving a Special Use Permit for the Co-Location of Cell Antennas and Associated Equipment at 1500 S. 7th Street (Verizon Wireless).  2/24/20
2020-013 Publishing the Official Zoning Map of the City of DeKalb.  3/9/20
2020-014 Approving a Special Use Permit to Allow for a Drive-Through in Conjunction with a Coffee and Ice Cream Shop to be Located at 1406 Sycamore Road (Jim Mason- JLAR, LLC). 3/9/20
2020-015 Approving a Special Use Permit to Allow for a Private Therapeutic Day School to Locate in the Former Chesebro Elementary School Located at 900 E. Garden Street (Dekalb Community Unit School District #428). 3/9/20
2020-016 Authorizing Comprehensive Amendments to Chapter 14 “Rooming Houses”.  3/23/20
2020-017 Providing Relief Related to Executive Order 2020-07 by Amending Chapter 38 “Intoxicating Liquors” to Add a New Section 38.35 “Provisional Package Liquor License” and Amending Section 38.08 “Term of Licenses and License Fees.   3/23/20
2020-018 Amending Chapter 38 “Intoxicating Liquors”, Section 38.07 “Classifications of Liquor Licenses”, by Adding License Classification “Auditorium”, and Amending Section 38.08 “Term of Licenses and License Fees”. Postponed 3/23/20
2020-019 Amending Chapter 23 “Unified Development Ordinance” Authorizing Text Amendments to Article 13 “Signs” and Article 18 “Appeals and Variances”.  3/23/20
2020-020 Approving a Special Use Permit for a Vehicle Tow Facility and Storage Yard Located at 110 Industrial Drive (J&S Tri-State Recovery and Towing).   
2020-021 Approving a Special Use Permit for a Drive-Through Restaurant with an Outdoor Seating Area, and Approving a Final Plan for 2411 Sycamore Road (Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers). 3/23/20
2020-022 Amending Chapter 55 “Hotels and Motels”, Section 55.04 “Transmittal of Tax Revenue”, and Chapter 60 “Restaurant, Bar and Package Liquor Tax”, Section 60.08 “Failure to File Return and Pay Tax” to Provide Economic Relief Related To COVID-19.   3/26/20