Ordinance Title Date Passed
2020-001 Authorizing Boundary Modifications to the Area Known as the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone, Vacant Ground Addition, Option 2.  1/13/20
2020-002 Approving a Second Amendment to the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone Intergovernmental Agreement.  1/13/20
2020-003 Amending the Property Tax Abatement Qualifying Criteria and Definitions in the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone. 1/13/20
2020-004 Approving a Third Amendment to the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone Intergovernmental Agreement. 1/13/20
2020-005 Amending Chapter 35 “Towing”, Chapter 52 “Offenses Against Public Peace – Safety and Morals”, and Chapter 64 “Smoking Regulations” to Conform to New Cannabis and Tobacco Laws. 
2020-006 Authorizing an Amendment to Ordinance 2019-065 for the Northern Illinois University Annual Contribution for Integrated Transit Services.  1/27/20
2020-007 Amending the FY2020 Budget and Approving the Purchase of Genesis Battery Powered Hydraulic Extrications Tools in an Amount Not to Exceed $21,700.  1/27/20
2020-008 Proposing the Establishment of an Active Special Service Area Number 29 for Market Square Shopping Center and Providing for a Public Hearing and Other Proceedings in Connection Therewith. 1/27/20
2020-009 Authorizing a Tax Increment Financing Development Incentive Agreement with Rosa Balli for the Rehabilitation of the Property Located at 206 E. Lincoln Highway.