Alternative Transportation

Other Forms of Transportation

DeCab Taxi

Locally owned and operated, DeCab Taxi provides local and regional transportation.  Passengers looking to utilize DeCab Taxi's services can contact their Dispatch staff at 815-757-6430 or visit the DeCab Taxi website for additional information. 


A shared mobility system, VeoRide allows users access to shared use bicycles spread throughout DeKalb and the NIU Campus.  Users must first download the VeoRide app from the Android or Apple app stores.  Riders can then locate bicycles within the app, scan the QR code located on the bicycle to unlock it, and then pay for the amount of time the bike is in use.  Riders are expected to follow all traffic laws, use a helment, and pay attention to their surroundings at all times.  For more information about this shared use system, please visit the VeoRide website.