Ordinance Title Date Passed
2019-001 Prohibiting the Use of Groundwater as a Potable Water Supply by the Installation or Use of Potable Water Supply Wells or by Any Other Method (421 Grove Street).  1/14/19
2019-002 Authorizing a Zoning Map Amendment from the “HI” Heavy Industrial District to the “PD-I” Planned Development – Industrial District and Approval of a Planned Development Preliminary Plan for a Community Solar Garden to be Located Along the North Side of Gurler Road, Approximately 500 feet East of South First Street (SunVest Solar, Inc.).   
2019-003 Authorizing Amendments to Ordinances 1998-037 and 1998-038 to Allow for Additions and Renovations to the DeKalb County Rehab and Nursing Center, 2600 N. Annie Glidden Road.  1/14/19
2019-004 Authorizing Amendments to Ordinances 2002-045 and 2002-046 to Add Permitted and Special Uses, Amend the Sign Regulations and Approve a Plat of Resubdivision for the Northland Plaza Shopping Center - Sycamore Road.  1/14/19
2019-005 Authorizing a Special Use Permit for a Vehicle Service Facility at 1806 Sycamore Road.  1/14/19