Electrical Aggregation

On April 14, 2018, ComEd filed its annual rate report with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). The annual report set forth ComEd’s rates for the residential supply of electricity from June 2018 through May 2019. The rates are shown in the table below.  

   Rate per kWh (cents)
 June 2018 to September 2018 (summer)  7.358
 October 2018 to May 2019 (non-summer)  7.292

Annually, staff reviews the reports and seek bids from retail suppliers to identify potential cost savings. This year's bids yielded potential savings. The results were brought forth to the City Council on August 27, 2018.   

On August 27, 2018, City Council approved a resolution to enter into a 36-month electrical aggregation agreement with Dynegy Energy. Dynegy will provide two rate categories which are defined by the method the electricity is produced. The traditional program uses traditional energy sources such as nuclear power and the 100% renewable energy option uses alternative sources of energy such as wind and solar. All residents will be automatically enrolled in the traditional program unless you call and request the 100% Renewable or “Green” energy option.

   Rate per kWh (cents)
 Traditional Program  6.739
 100% Renewable Energy Sources  6.820
On September 7, 2018, residents will begin to receive OPT-OUT and OPT-IN letters. As an opt-out program, all residents currently with a ComEd account will be placed into the Dynegy program. Residents wishing not to participate will have 21 days to opt-out of the program with no penalties via a prepaid, self-addressed postcard. Residents enrolled with other alternative retail suppliers will receive opt-in letters. The opt-in letter will provide the resident with an overview of the City’s program and information to evaluate and determine if you should leave your current supplier to enroll in the City's program with Dynegy.  

Considering Your Options?

If you are considering an agreement with an alternative supplier, promised better rates, or considering opting-in/opting-out of the City's program, follow the steps below.


Identify your supplier by locating this image at the bottom of the first page of your invoice. In the example below, the supplier is ComEd (highlighted in yellow). If your supplier is someone else you will see that information there too.

ComEd Graphic 1


Confirm your current rate by locating the image below on page two of your invoice. The sum of the electricity supply charge and transmission services charge is your current rate per kWh. The current ComEd rate through September 2018 is 7.358 per kWh and from October to May 2019 the rate will be 7.941 per kWh. Rates quoted higher than ComEd’s current rate mean you’ll be paying more.

ComEd Graphic 2

For more information and the current ComEd rate, go to pluginillinois.org and visit this page for regular updates.