The DeKalb Police Department continues to work closely with the DeKalb School District.  Gangs continue to be active in recruiting young members in the community and schools.  Therefore, it is important that the police department and the schools to continue to work together and demonstrate vigilance in combating the spread of street gangs throughout our community.

The DeKalb Police Department continues to work with other law enforcement agencies to identify new gangs and gang members.  As gangs migrate into our community from other larger cities, it is important to communicate with the larger city police departments.  The DeKalb Police Department gang unit attends gang meetings with other law enforcement agencies from Chicago, Aurora, Elgin, Rockford, and with smaller agencies in between.  The DeKalb Police Department host monthly gang meetings for the different agencies in DeKalb County.  The DeKalb Police department participates in the Northwest Illinois Gang Intelligence Group.  This group focuses on the continued sharing of intelligence between multiple jurisdictions and will benefit our community by sharing the resources of many other communities that are experiencing similar challenges in combating gang related crimes.

The DeKalb Police Department is seeing new types of gang related crimes on the internet.  Gang members are spreading their message and furthering the interest of the gang though the internet.  Gangs are using the internet to display the signs and symbols of their gang as well as posting messages or symbols that are used to disrespect a rival gang.  The use of these web sites can have a far reaching benefit for the gangs.

The DeKalb Police Department continues its outreach program to the community and does presentations for any group that request assistance on street gangs, drugs, and other related topics.  By informing the community as to the wide range of problems cause by gangs, we gain allies in our fight against the spread of gangs.  Through a cooperative effort, the police and community can have a significant impact on youth and attain a goal of reducing gang incidents and gang violence.  In 2010 the DeKalb Police conducted four gang presentations to the different organizations in our community.

The gang unit is comprised of two officers who are assigned to the Investigation Division.  Their duties include the following: overt patrol tactics designed for crime prevention and intervention, criminal intelligence, surveillance activities, diversion techniques to prevent juvenile involvement in gang activity, gang presentations to community groups, gang awareness training to school officials and parents, and follow-up gang related investigations.  The goal of this unit is to utilize techniques to formulate a multi-faceted approach to identification, investigation, and prosecution of the gang members and their gangs that continue to commit crimes in our community.