Please fill out the form below to report an inoperable/abandon vehicle on a public way. A vehicle is classified as abandoned under state statutes if it is either:

  • obviously inoperable due to missing its engine, essential parts, or wheels; or
  • incapable of being driven under its own motor power; or
  • been unmoved or unused in a period of seven consecutive days.

 Upon receipt of a complaint, a written notice to the owner may be served in person or by first class mail. A failure to comply with the notice within the time specified in the notice shall be considered a violation of MUNICIPAL CODE, Chapter 12.  Should the vehicle be a hazard the DeKalb Police Department will tow without the seven day notice. 

 If you wish to report an inoperable vehicle on private property please contact the City of DeKalb Code Enforcement at 815/748-2070