The City of DeKalb's public water system is a modern, state-of-the-art water supply that uses a combination of ion exchange softening and iron removal filtration to produce a reliable and safe water source to the citizens of DeKalb and Northern Illinois University.

Water Sources:
The source of water provided to the residents of DeKalb comes from six deep wells, drawing water from the Ironton-Galesville and St. Peter sandstone unit of the Cambrian-Ordovician aquifer, and three shallow wells that draw water from the Troy Valley Aquifer.  These two aquifers provide an excellent source of water to the City of DeKalb which is essentially free of contaminants.

Water Treatment:
Groundwater is treated at one of five ion exchange/iron removal Water Treatment Plants.  The treatment process produces a high quality water supply by reducing the amount of hardness and iron in the water.  Before leaving the Treatment Plant, the groundwater is treated with chlorine and phosphate to insure the safety of the water supply within our distribution system.  In addition, fluoride is added to the water to promote the development of strong teeth.

Water Quality:
DeKalb's water is monitored for microbial, inorganic and organic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides and radioactive contaminants. Over 14,000 water analyses are performed annually on the City's drinking water for over 100 different contaminants.  We are pleased to inform you that the City of DeKalb's drinking water meets or exceeds all Federal and State Drinking water standards.

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Detecting Water Leaks-
Water leaks can be costly and can waste a valuable resource.  A water leak may add an additional $500 to $1,000 in water and sewer charges onto you quarterly utility bill.  From our experience, 90% of the leaks in residential plumbing systems are found at the toilet tank.  The best way to determine if you have a water leak is to check your water meter.  Most of the current water meters in our system have a flow indicator on the top of the meter (small blue disc).  If the blue disc is turning, water is being used somewhere within the home.  If you notice the disc turning, but cannot account for the water use, you may potentially have a leak.

To report a water main break,
please call 815-748-2050 during regular business hours.
After hour water emergencies, please contact the
Police Department non-emergency phone number
at 815-748-8400

Water billing questions or billing changes should be directed to the Finance Department at

City of DeKalb Water Division has received Fluoride Certificate
for 16 consecutive years.