2017 Transit Development Plan


Transit Development Plan Update

The  purpose of this plan is to review and evaluate the existing operations  of the two primary transit services, Northern Illinois University (NIU)  Huskie Linie and Voluntary Action Center Transit (TransVAC), in the  DeKalb region. This plan will also investigate the costs and benefits of  a more integrated intra-community transit service among NIU Huskie Line  and TransVAC. Options for improving inter-community transit connections  to other locations near our region will also be considered.

Official Public Comment Period

The  2017 Transit Development Plan Draft report will be available for public  review and comment during most of August and September 2017.

Open Houses

  • A new round of Open Houses will be held in the month of September 2017 to present the findings of TDP and take additional comments. Keep checking here to find out actual dates and locations as they are confirmed. 
  • NIU location: Holmes Student Center Lobby (completed)
  •  DeKalb location: Taylor Street Plaza (completed)
  •  Sycamore location: Gathertorium in the Legislative Center (completed)

Comment Form

Use the City of DeKalb Public Comment Form if you wish to comment on any plan or study seen here, or just have  general transportation comments. Please select DeKalb Sycamore Area  Transportation Study (DSATS) as the department to ensure your comments  are forwarded to the DSATS staff.

Review Locations

  • DeKalb City Hall: 200 S 4th St, 1st Floor Engineering, DeKalb, IL 60115
  • DSATS Website