Crime Free Housing and Inspection Bureau

The Crime Free Housing and Inspection Coordinator is a civilian position assigned to the Support Services section of the Police Department.


The Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Crime Free Housing and Inspections Program including the annual rental property registration program; conducting crime free program certification workshops for residential property managers; coordinating crime prevention security assessments of the property and serving as a liaison between the Police Department and the landlord/rental property owner community.

Program in Effect in DeKalb

On Tuesday, January 1, 2013 changes in the City of DeKalb Municipal Ordinance Chapter 10 (PDF), which now includes the Crime Free Housing Program, took effect. In brief, the ordinance states that every landlord must register their rental property annually with the City of DeKalb; that every lease shall contain a crime free lease provision; and landlords will be required to attend an educational program in the first year and in subsequent years on a rotating schedule.

Property Maintenance

The Crime Free Housing and Inspections Bureau has five part-time property maintenance inspectors.  The inspectors conduct "sidewalk inspections" which simply means the inspector must be able to view the violation from a public right-of-way or an area open to the public.  They may respond to any property maintenance complaint.

You may view a listing of violations in which Crime Free Housing has investigated or is currently investigating.
The City of DeKalb looks forward to working with property owners and managers to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods by taking a proactive approach to crime.  If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to make a property maintenance complaint you may call us at 815-748-8435 or you may submit a complaint via this link - CRIME FREE HOUSING COMPLAINT ON LINE FORM.