Downtown DeKalb

  1. Downtown Redevelopment Plan

    Learn about the City's plan to revitalize downtown by addressing parking and transportation needs and establishing design guidelines for private investment.

  2. Streetscape Improvements

    Read about the streetscape improvements to improve streets, curbs, and road bumps in the DeKalb area.

  3. DeKalb: City Center Plan

    In 2013, the City of DeKalb updated the 2007 Downtown Revitalization Plan and created the new DeKalb: City Center Plan.

  4. Egyptian Theatre

    Increasing the operating potential of the Theatre has been identified as a transformational project for Downtown DeKalb. Both the Downtown Revitalization Plan of 2007 and the City Center Plan of 2013 reference the value of the Theatre to the overall economic viability of the Downtown, recognizing its benefits as a significant cultural and entertainment draw to the Downtown and as a major asset in attracting patrons to the area. The City further indicated its intent for strategic investment in the future of the Theatre in the DeKalb 2025 Strategic Plan.

  5. STEAM Learning Center

    Identified as a key project to achieve a number of goals set forth in the Downtown DeKalb Revitalization Plan as well as the five core visions of the 2025 Strategic Plan, the proposed STEAM Learning Center would be a venue for connecting visitors of all ages to educational experiences through exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics.